To build a Crazy Good Customer Experience.

This a quick and interesting article for tips on building customers experience.

Hosia customer service

This is how we do it!!

Let’s look at the components to help come up with a clear definition:

  • Being personable with your customers
  • Removing the human element (that sounds crazy, I know, I’ll explain below)
  • Team collaboration

These three points may seem a little odd for a first-time business owner, but they’ill help you build a Crazy-Good Support experience.


Being Personable with Your Customers

This is — literally — rule No.1. Somewhere in between phone support and the revolution of online support, the ability to communicate in a personable way has been lost. Providing text-based (email, forums, ticketing system) support is a great way to ensure customer questions are answered. Just keep in mind that the absence of body language and tone in this type of communication requires going the extra mile to be personal.

Have you ever run into this support situation as a customer?

Hey Company Support,

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